Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It involves a relationship between a farmer, farmland and a group of farm members.  This relationship varies from farm to farm but the general principle remains the same.  Farm members purchase a share of the farm produce at the beginning of the season and in exchange they receive a box of fresh produce through out the season.  The risk and the rewards of farming become shared by many and the food the members receive is local, healthy and fresh.

How much food would I be getting?
At the beginning of the season you would get about one half a bushel of food (one large paper sack).  It would consist mostly of greens.  As other crops start to be ready for harvest you would get a bushel of food or slightly more (between two to three paper sacks).  You will continue to get about a bushel of food until last distribution.  The amount is dependent upon what’s in season and the weather.

Do you make deliveries?
We deliver to Nature’s Vitality in Davison, Me, My Health and Eyes in Lake Orion.  We do have some other distribution locations we are considering.  Please stay posted for a delivery location near you.

Do I have to pay for my share all at once?
No, we require a $25 deposit, than after that you set up your own payment plan.  We like to be paid in full sometime in June.

When would I be receiving my first box?
You would receive your first box some time in June.  The specific week in June cannot be determined ahead of time.  If we have a cool spring the first distribution will be later, if the weather is warm it will be sooner.

How will I know when to start getting my box?
We will email everyone.

How many different types of varieties of vegetables will I be getting?
You should get about 30 different vegetables throughout the growing season.  You can expect to get from 4 to 12 different items in a box.  Early in the year you will have fewer varieties of items than later in the year.

Will I be getting herbs with my share?
Yes, you will get the standard herbs, chives, basil, parsley, marjoram, sage and more.

Will I be getting eggs with my share?
No, we do not include eggs in the CSA share, those are available for sale as also is the beef and stewing hens.

Will I be getting enough vegetables to preserve for later eating?
That depends on you and your family.  If the weather cooperates with us you should have access to extras.  If you garden a little and if we have extra plants we often give them to CSA members that want them.  If tomatoes are abundant for those that want them we will give them more than what is in the share.  We also sell extras through CSA Farmers Market.

Is there a newsletter that tells me how to cook some of these vegetables I am unfamiliar with?
Ideally we would love to put together a newsletter, although we seem to run short of time during the growing season so instead with your share you get a cook book call “From Asparagus to Zucchini”.  We welcome and invite questions about different vegetables.  Often other CSA members are willing to share how to cook different vegetables.

If I am signing up for a working share how many hours would I be required to work?
A full share is expected to put in 24hours throughout the season.
A half share is expected to put in 12 hours throughout the season.

Can I start working before first distribution?
Yes definitely.  From April to June we are very busy planting and could use help.

I have young children can I bring them to the farm and help?
Yes, we welcome families and children.  It is a great experience for them and they can explore other aspects on the farm.

Can my children be included in fulfilling my commitment?
Children sixteen and older count as hours towards your commitment

When can I come out to work?
We try to remain flexible with the hours you come to work, although we do ask that you set up a work schedule ahead of time so we can plan for you and work with you when you are on the farm.

During distribution when is the best day to come work?
We usually need the most help on Thursday morning when we harvest; although if you want to pick up your share on Thursday, be aware that your share will not be ready until harvest is done.  These days of harvest could change.

When can I pick up my share at the farm?
You do not have to pick up your share on Thursday.  Your box will be in a walk in cooler with your name on it.  You can pick up your box Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday at your convenience.

Will I be assigned tasks that I am physically incapable of doing?
No, there are so many different things to do to help we can find a task suited to anyone.

Will I be learning anything when I am on the farm?
We enjoy sharing our knowledge with our CSA members, so yes you will learn.

What things might I be doing on the farm?
Much of that depends upon what time of year you come to the farm.  If you come in the spring prior to first distribution you would be preparing beds and planting. Later in the season you would most likely be weeding and harvesting.  Although this is only a portion of what you might be doing.  You may find yourself mulching the raised beds or even picking rocks out of the garden.