We prefer to remain a small CSA Farm so we limit the amount of CSA members we allow to join our CSA.  We also prefer our members to pick up their produce at the farm as this lets our members connect with us, with the farm and for them to be able to see first hand how the vegetables are grown and growing.  Although we do recognize that not everyone can come to the farm so we do deliver our member boxes to Davison, Lapeer and Lake Orion and we are also considering other distribution locations.

We offer full shares, ½ shares, working shares and non working shares.  A working share is where a member commits time on the farm assisting us with growing produce.

All full shares run for 16 weeks, they can be non-working or working shares.  Working shares must sign up at the farm so the member can understand the commitment they are making.  We like our working shares to plan ahead and let us know what days throughout the season they can come help.  We are flexible with schedules and we know unforeseen events happen that can change a members schedule, yet we do plan many farming activities around when our member’s come to the farm.

Planting time and harvest days are prime opportunities to fulfill work obligation.  With our working shares we often spend time teaching how to garden and for those that have physical limitations we do find tasks suited for them.  We require a minimum of 24 hours for a working full share. Teenagers age 16 and above qualify as obligated hours.

All half shares go for 8 weeks or more.  The members get a box every other week.  We offer both working and non-working shares in this category.  We require members to work a minimum of 12 hours as part of the working share.

Work on the farm begins months prior to distribution, so the members that share the work can start their on farm participation as early as March.  This would include green house planting, field preparation, garden plantings and other activities.

Distribution begins sometime in June the exact date depends on how cooperative the weather is in allowing produce to grow.  At the beginning of distribution a member can expect to receive about a ½ bushel of food, which will consist mostly of greens.  Later in the growing season, as more produce matures a member will receive about a bushel or more of produce.  The boxes sometimes will have 10 or more different food items in them.  A member may receive items unfamiliar to them and they may not know how to prepare the food.  That is why we give a cook book called from “From Asparagus to Zucchini” A Guide to Cooking Farm-Fresh, Seasonal Produce” with each share.

Since family sizes and eating habits vary greatly there may be too much food for some families, so we encourage them to share the food with others or they can preserve the produce.  For other families who like to preserve food for the winter we offer additional quantities of produce.  We sell our extras through an online Farm Market Store.  We may also give extras to the members who may want them as part of the farm share.

We recognize that most people are on a budget and we allow our members to make their own payment plan.  We ask that the CSA memberships be paid in full by the first distribution.

Before committing to a CSA consider your life style and your habits.  If you are gone throughout most the summer and cannot get your box, a CSA may not be right for you.  If you don’t have time to commit to a working share, a non working share may be a better choice.  If you enjoy the county and connecting with the earth while working in the CSA Garden it may be the reprieve you need.

For us farming in a healthy sustainable matter is our livelihood and not a hobby.  We enjoy growing great food–hopefully as much as our members enjoy eating it.