White Pine Farm

We are a Family Owned Certified Organic Farm in South East Michigan. For over 65 years our family has followed good conservation and growing practices on the farm. In 2007 we became Certified Organic through OEFFA.

We believe there is an integral relationship between the health of the land, the way food is raised and the health of those that consume food raised or grown in an organic sustainable manner.

We also believe that it is important for people to connect with the farms that grow their food. We provide this opportunity by selling CSA farm shares which allow members to receive the rewards of harvest by getting a box of fresh produce throughout the growing season and to participate in the farming experience.

We currently have CSA shares available for 2010 growing season.

We offer a variety of shares. Some are good for those that want the farming experience and some are good for those members who cannot share in the farming experience, but want the assurance that their food is grown organically, locally and in a sustainable manner.

We are also with in 5 miles of two organic cow share farms.